Rosgal contribute towards numerous Social Value projects throughout Greater Manchester

March 19, 2021

Throughout 2021, we have given back to local communities in Greater Manchester through a wide range of comprehensive methods.

We have:

  1. Supported the refurbishment of Brunswick Parish Church.
  2. Contributed towards ‘Perry’s Pantry’ which is a local foodbank.
  3. Supported Glebe’s Farm.
  4. Provided sandbags and barriers at Levenshulme Market, Manchester.
  5. Re-established power at Hardy Farm.
  6. Upgraded an elderly residents path in Manchester.
  7. Supported The Grange School.
  8. Contributed towards MIND in Manchester.
  9. Raised funds for the Christie Care Hospital.
  10. Participated in an event organised by the ‘Timperly Boneshakers’.  

Please follow the PDF below to find out more information about the projects which Rosgal have recently supported in Manchester: