Rosgal begin works on Brunswick Parish Church, Manchester

May 11, 2021

Rosgal has begun works to refurbish Brunswick Parish Church in Manchester as part of our ongoing social value commitments with Manchester City Council (MCC).

For more than 40 years, Brunswick Parish Church has been a major part of community life for local residents.

Unfortunately, the church is a in desperate need of improvements and we wanted to protect this vital institution which provides the local community with invaluable support.


So far, we have donated skips and a cabin which allowed volunteers to dispose of unwanted furniture in a quick and efficient manner before construction works began on 4/5/2021.

We have knocked down the wall to the church car park and disposed of the remaining bricks to provide ease of access for local residents. During the later stages of the project, we will also be resurfacing the car park and constructing an access ramp to improve accessibility for local residents.