Rosgal begin construction of a new cycle route and the refurbishment of a footpath on Hardy Lane, Chorlton

March 26, 2021

Over the past four weeks, Rosgal have started works on Hardy Lane, Chorlton. Specifically, we have been:

Refurbishing a footpath:

A heavily pedestrianised footpath on Hardy Lane had been identified as a health and safety hazard. Therefore, we have been working to refurbish the footpath and protect the safety of local residents.

Constructing a new cycle route:

We have been constructing a new cycle route alongside Hardy Lane. As a result, local residents will have a safe and accessible space where they will be able to cycle along the road. This will also allow us to protect the environment and reduce the number of carbon emissions in Chorlton.


Our skilled and competent operatives have begun to refurbish the footpath and construct a new cycle route.


We have been able to maintain pedestrian access to the adjacent properties.

Our traffic management operatives have been able to effectively minimise disruption to traffic flows and pedestrians.