Rosgal are Carbon Neutral

December 13, 2021


As part of Rosgal’s forward-thinking environmental sustainability strategy, we are committed to achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2030. 

However, we recognise that action needs to be taken quickly and we have therefore taken decisive action and funded extensive work to ensure our business and the projects that we deliver for our Clients drive towards net zero carbon usage.  

We have made significant investments in hybrid/electric vehicles and construction plant, improved our office insulation, heating and lighting, developed our processes and procedures to reduce the carbon we utilise and investigated and now use innovative construction materials such as low carbon concrete and low temperature bituminous materials to reduce the carbon created by the projects we undertake. However, we recognise that despite these investments the road to net zero carbon will not be achieved quickly.   We have therefore invested in UK woodland creation project and in peatland restoration that will, as they develop, mitigate our carbon footprint and ensure we achieve our carbon neutral target. Through this investment and long-term support for these projects, we will help the country to meet its long-term climate change targets in a way that also benefits wider society.  

John Breheny CEO of Rosgal said “We recognise the role the construction industry needs to play in reducing its carbon usage if we are to help tackle climate change. We’ve been working hard to reduce our carbon usage but recognise that many of our and the industries initiatives will take time to deliver significant carbon benefits. We have therefore taken immediate action and invested in environmental projects to allow us to further reduce our carbon footprint and supplement the great work we are doing in driving to net zero carbon.  Whilst many companies have commenced initiatives to reduce their carbon usage, we are not aware of any who have taken immediate action and invested in projects that will have an immediate impact.” 

Rosgal have chosen to invest in UK based projects as we recognise that these provide significant additional environmental benefits. As well as capturing CO2 the growing trees will also provide wider co-benefits beyond climate mitigation, including flood alleviation, water quality improvement, habitat creation and rewilding, employment, public access, and cleaner air. 

In recognition of the carbon impact of our operations we are also investing in peatland restoration, to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from degraded peatlands. Our support of a peatland restoration project will also increase the ability of peatland to store water, support wildlife and mitigate the risk of flooding downstream. 

The projects we have invested in will mitigate our carbon usage over a 3 year period and are being undertaken by Trees for Life and Forest Carbon.   Our investments in the projects being undertaken will allow us to mitigate the 2214 tonnes of carbon we will use over the next 3 years. 

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The specific details of our investments can be seen via the IHS Markit Environmental Registry website

Rosgal have also become a ‘100 trees’ corporate sponsor of Salford Based ‘City of Trees’. Our sponsorship will enable City of Trees to plant 100 trees within Greater  Manchester as well as helping them promote environmental projects. 


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