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Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

We employ less than 250 people and we have published our annual gender pay gap numbers which outline any differences in pay between our male and female employees. The numbers are based on pay data from December 2021.

Gender Pay Gap
Rosgal Gender Pay Gap5.9%
National Gender Pay Gap15.4%

The numbers show that our gender pay gap is significantly below the national average.

What are we doing to address our gender pay gap?

We are activity undertaking a wide range of initiatives to address the gender pay gap. Some of our initiatives include:

  1. Working with local schools, colleges and universities to promote the civil engineering sector and encouraging women to enter the profession.  
  2. Offering flexible working hours and arrangements for all our employees.
  3. Actively promoting an equal split of female and employees into senior management and director roles.



Rosgal Ltd, is still fully operational during these uncertain times we are designated essential workers both by Manchester Council and Siemens including Emergency and RTA works and as such our office and gangs are fully functional.

During these times It is imperative that we keep all workers safe, by following the official guidelines. Therefore, all staff/operatives will be following the Government guidelines at all times.

If you have any questions relating to the above please do not hesitate to contact us on the number provided on our website.

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